For an artist, exhibition is an extension of the studio. When artist and spectator communicate through exhibition, the creative act is only then fulfilled.

The Art Program has developed a year-round cycle of exhibitions that serve not only art students and our campus community, but also our neighbors and partners in the region. Students get an in-depth look at professional artists, faculty, and perhaps even future colleagues. They can curate and develop an exhibition of their own work from the ground up. Toward the end of the academic cycle, they have the unforgettable experience of professional-quality exhibition opportunities for their art.

Visiting Artist Lectures, Workshops + Courses

In addition to lectures, artists visiting Penn State Abington engage students in a variety of ways. One might see a guest lecturer later in the studio giving individual or group critique. Another artist might conduct a workshop in a specialized media technique. Occasionally, an artist will conduct a Special Topics course for an entire semester.

Lectures are often sponsored through Student Activities, Academic Enrichment or First Year Experience events to ensure the events are an outreach to the campus community.

Study Abroad

Study Abroad is conducted in Spring and First Summer semester on a periodic basis. Countries recently visited include Italy, Spain and Ireland.


Penn State Abington students have several annual opportunities for publishing their work. Art students work is featured in The Abington Review, published each Spring. Students engaged in ACURA undergraduate research projects have the opportunity to publish their work in the ACURIAN journal, also in Spring. Art exhibitions are featured in The Lion’s Roar newspaper and online in the newsfeed of this website. From time to time, special publications are created as an extension of studio work.