So I didn’t really have a better way to describe how I am feeling right now, and the whole “One door closes and another door opens” thing seemed relatively cliche. While graduation happens every year, in my experience it affects juniors and seniors most. I have some really good friends in the ACM and THON Technology that will be leaving this year. One thing that shocked me when I came to Penn State was how much I relied upon my surroundings back in Pittsburgh to give me strength and reassurance as I went about my tasks. Losing some of my closest friends and mentors is going to be something that I am not looking forward to, especially because many of them are scattering across the US. But one thing that I learned when I came out of high school is that our experiences and friendships never leave us. I am in many ways who I am today because of friends and family with whom I have interacted and that I don’t see terribly frequently now.

This week, some of my old pre-college stuff was ruined due to a water leak in my basement. My dad very wisely pointed out “it’s only stuff”, but it has really made me think about what I can truly bring with me from my college experience and what I can leave behind. I think that in some way, the people with whom we interact are our most important legacies. It is my hope that any friend that I have helped will remember our experiences fondly and that I overall made a positive impact on their lives. And hopefully, the plans that we put together will outlast us and continue with future events and continue to affect students in a positive way (at this moment, I’m specifically thinking about THON and CodePSU because my good friend and CodePSU Executive Director Arun is graduating next week, and because so many of my THON co-captains will be no longer calling State College home very shortly, but I can think of a ton of other instances in which this is also true).

Despite this, I have the opportunity for one last try at all of the things that I mentioned above. Senior year is still ahead, and while I am currently a bit overwhelmed with finishing my current one, it is imperative that I look toward the future in a positive way. Hopefulness and belief are the most important things in motivating myself to keep moving forward, especially during the most difficult week of my college career. Sorry for going all introspective. I’m not even a senior yet. But hopefully, I can make an experience worth remembering

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  1. Madison Day April 27, 2017 at 11:53 AM #


    I lately have been thinking a lot about my future and college experiences as well! I think it’s because I am begining the process of apply to Physician Assistant schools. I am thinking about where I want to spend two years of my life before I have to start working. I can’t imagine leaving Penn State and my friends, but at the same time I am ready for an adventure. I have had a new found inspiration over the last couple of days. I have been limiting myself in where I am apply to PA schools because I thought I wanted to apply somewhere close to home. However, I realized that I want to travel and go somewhere cool! Why not make an adventure out of my 2 years of PA school? This is the time to do it! To create new experiences, make new friends, and discover new surroundings and amazing places! Thinking about going to places like CA, TX, and FL made me really excited about my future after college and pursuing my dream profession to help positively impact the lives of others!


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