I usually have an extremely introspective, reflective, eye-opening post that I actually go back to time and again, but I don’t truly feel that such a post is necessary this semester. I think that this semester was not filled with extremely pivotal moments, unreasonably stressful moments, and latent or manifested memories. I still took the extra time for a “well-deserved” break, I still got stressed for exams, and I still made sure to have a manageable balance of fun and work. The semester, besides very interesting moments such as the Seattle trip, my birthday party, and my flights (during the academic year) to interview for companies across the US, there were no recurring themes of lessons that I learned, or stories and morals I gathered.

So, I feel like the best thing for me to inscribe on the permanent, omnipresent media that is the internet, a set of goals for this summer. I will be living alone in Dallas, and I am eager to learn more about myself professionally and personally. I really hope that later on, maybe even years later, I can see this post and realize how naive, innocent, and overambitious I was.

I want to cook.

I want to take the time to learn about what types of foods I really enjoy, what flavor combinations I value, and what aspects of my cultural heritage I want to throw away or keep forever. This summer will be a test of that. I think learning how to develop a more natural, less artificial, balanced routine for eating is one of the most difficult things I can do, so I want to challenge myself to work hard to create meals that I enjoy, which leads into my next goal.

I want to be more disciplined.

This is a trait that I can improve upon to become more satisfied and less stressed with my expectations of each day. I think having a routine is especially important because it builds a sense of sanity and control over one’s life, which I feel enjoyed in experiencing. I hope to eventually have my life planned better, so that spontaneous trips, unplanned events, and minor impulse decisions become more worthwhile than I would experience without a more scheduled agenda.

I want to explore.

Now that I am writing this post, this SOUNDS SO CLICHE, BASIC, AND UNCULTURED. but it’s true – from a different perspective. I do not mean explore like how entitled millennials say they need to travel to experience the world and find themselves abroad. That is NOT what I am saying. I am saying that I want to explore the activities that I do not make time for in college to see if I truly would want to invest in them in the future. For example, I want to be more involved in yoga. I NEED time to be more spiritual and religious. Whether yoga, prayer, or other introspective elements help me self-actualize, I would like a better sense of stability to fall back on during times of stress. Because, I believe that my current life should be a preparation for difficulty, so I become ready to face obstacles when I reach them.

I want to read books about becoming a better person. I want to read about healthcare. I want to drink older, more intellectual drinks. I want to know more about MY history, defining it as family, historical, and local history. I think there is much to learn, and I am ready for it. I was recently asked (literally a few hours ago) what my hobbies are, and I really just eat with friends or “study” with friends (chillin and relaxin). I need to find my hobby, develop reasonable expectations about the extent towards this hobby, and have fun! That is my true goal.



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