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At times, life can get a little slow out here in Appleton, WI. During the week, I have settled into a routine of getting up, going to work, going to the gym, then coming home and relaxing. Of course, there are still things to do during the week, concerts to see, friends to hang out with, etc, but it’s nothing like being back at school. The pace of life is just different when you’re working a full-time job. In a lot of ways, I really like this. I’ve written in the past about how much I do enjoy this free time I have and the positive impact it’s had on me. But as time is passing by and my days in Appleton are numbered, I’m finding myself turning my eyes to what lies ahead.

I’ve got so much on the horizon the next few months. In a few weeks, I get to come home for Christmas and see my family for the first time in months. I get to see my sister, who I haven’t seen in over a year. I get to see my little brother, who’s growing up more and more each time I come home to see him. I get to see my aunts and uncles, my cousins, my friends, and (perhaps most importantly) my dog, Farley! After Christmas, I’ll come back to Appleton to finish up my last few weeks at K-C. I get to train the co-op who will replace me and teach them the tricks of the trade. I’ll get to report out to my managers about all the work I’ve been doing this semester, hopefully leaving behind a positive impression on them.

Once my term with K-C is over, I’ll get to go home again for my wisdom teeth surgery (not fun) and my 21stbirthday (lots of fun). I’m hoping to spend my 21stdown in State College, where I can also reconnect with all of my friends before I leave campus once more to go abroad. In February I’ll head out to California to spend a week with my sister and then hop on a plane for 16 hours to make my trip out to New Zealand.

I’ve been thinking to myself that the adventure doesn’t begin until my semester in New Zealand, but in reality the adventure has already begun! My days in Wisconsin are dwindling down, and I need to continue to make the most of the time out here and enjoy the company of all the friends I’ve made. I’ll make sure to enjoy every minute I’ve got with my family and friends back home and at school, and of course I’ll make sure to have a blast when I’m studying in New Zealand. Life may seem a little slow right now, but I don’t mind it because it’s helping me keep everything in perspective and get ready for what lies ahead. I’m incredibly lucky to have all the opportunities I’ve had so far and that I will have in the future, and I can’t wait to make the most of them all.

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