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A friend just told me, “When you’re in control of some poor habits, you’re actually out of control.” That spoke to me. Being in control of my behavior has been a big part of my life and something I put a lot of emphasis on. It’s so easy to succumb to peer pressure, especially in college. During this time of personal growth, we are surrounded by pressures that can hold us back from understanding our potential and fully coming to terms with who we are and what we’re capable of doing and being. Poor habits, whether they be socially influences are based around eating/drinking habits, can completely keep us down. 

The tough part is that far too often, these habits are easier than good ones. It’s easier to grab a sub than make your own salad. It’s easier to spend time with your friends by going out to the bars with them than planning out a time a place where you can meet and have a good chat. Poor behaviors, whether they be big or small, are poor for a reason. And we all know it. At this age, we know what’s good for us. We also know the type of people we’d like to be. But it’s hard, when surrounded by stress, pressures, and daily doses of comparison. 

Social media by no means makes this easier. Social media fuels our human inclination to compare ourselves to others. I was recently at a conference, and the woman speaking said while she was obsessed with Joanna Gaines (the now famous interior designer known for her brand and show on HGTV), she had to unfollow her. Why? Because after looking at all of the beautiful pictures Joanna would post on Instagram, she would look around her house and find little pockets of regret or disappointment. This woman took control of her bag habit and got rid of it, gaining a healthy sense of control in her life. I love this example, mainly because it’s so relatable. This woman didn’t delete her Instagram. If she did, she would’ve avoided the problem all together. Instead, she found the root of her problem, what was fueling her poor habit of comparison, and got rid of it.

As I experience the next couple of months of being a college student, I want more than ever take control over my life and to fully become the person I am meant to be. I want to be in control by being in control of good habits. It’s not always easy, but I like a good challenge. 

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