Aditya Gupta Profile PictureAditya Gupta is a Ph.D. candidate in Marketing at Smeal College of Business, Pennsylvania State University. His research interests are in the area of inter-firm relationships, sales management, key account management, business to business markets and marketing strategy with special interest in application of social network analysis to business to business market problems.

Aditya’s paper currently under review is

Mobility of Top Marketing and Sales Executives in Business-to-Business Markets: A Social Network Perspective; Rui Wang, Aditya Gupta, Rajdeep Grewal; being revised for second round review at  Journal of Marketing Research.

Aditya’s dissertation is titled:

Dissertation: “A Social Network Perspective on Key Account Management: Essays on Impact of Buyer-Seller Interfirm Relational Network, Buying Center Relational Network, and Selling Team Composition and Relational Network on Seller’s Performance Outcomes and Buyer-Seller Relationship

The objective of his dissertation is to explore key account management from a social networks perspective and investigate key account management at three levels: (1) composition of selling teams, the structure of relational ties within the selling team, (2) composition of buying center, the structure of relational ties within buying center, and (3) the structure of relational ties between buyer-seller representatives. He considers the impact of these three levels on buyer-seller relational outcomes and seller’s performance outcomes.

Aditya as an Instructor has taught Marketing Strategy (MKTG 450W) and Global Marketing (MKTG 445), undergraduate level courses at Smeal College of Business.

He holds a MBA in Marketing from Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, India and undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Information Sciences (Major Computer Science) from Delhi University, India. Prior to joning the Ph.D. program, Aditya worked for nine years in the Indian telecom and software industry. Over these nine years Aditya held diverse roles in marketing, sales, pre-sales and research and development teams.

Aditya Gupta CV : Aditya Gupta CV June 2014

Contact Information

Aditya Gupta
406A Business Building
Smeal College of Business
The Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA 16802, USA
Cellphone: 402-305-1382

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