eLion ( is Penn State’s web-based interactive system, where students, faculty, advisers, parents, and others go for access to academic and financial records and services.  For additional information, please go to the eLion FAQ page

How can I use eLion?
Students use eLion to access the information and services needed to initiate and complete academic programs. Specifically, students are able to review financial aid awards, register for courses, find adviser assignments, pay semester bills, check grades, drop and add courses, update address information, and more.

What is Lion Cash?
Additional dollars can be added to your meal plan account at any time during the semester by visiting the id+ online site and using a MasterCard or Visa. Dining dollars can also be added at the id+ Office, Assignment Office, or any commons desk. You will also enjoy a 10% discount at most on-campus eateries.

What is id+ Online?
id+ Online is the “key” that allows you to conveniently manage your LionCash+ and Campus Meal Plan accounts on a secure server. In addition to adding funds, you can check your account balances, review and email transaction histories, deactivate a lost or stolen id+ card, change the Campus Meal Plan level, or subscribe to the monthly LionCash+ eNewsletter, which provides LionCash+ users monthly updates on new program features, new merchant locations, and special monthly LionCash+ discounts at Merchants of the Month locations. id+ Online also allows students working on campus to sign up for LionCash+ payroll deductions.

Do I have to get an id+ card?
The Penn State id+ card is the official identification card of Penn State; therefore, you are required to obtain and carry the id+ card at all times. The id+ card is a vital part of life at Penn State, providing easy access to many University resources and services. The id+ card is used to access the Campus Meal Plan, LionCash+ account, PNC Bank account (optional), to enter an assigned residence hall, attend athletic events, University Libraries services, and more. Penn State id+ cards are transferrable from campus to campus.

What should I do if I lose my id+ card?
If your id+ card has been lost or stolen, you should immediately deactivate it online , in person at your area Housing commons desk, or at the id+ Office. Deactivating the card will suspend residence hall access, Campus Meal Plan and LionCash+ account access, and fitness membership access (if applicable). If the card is found prior to a replacement id+ card being issued, it may be reactivated online within 7 days of being deactivated or at the id+ Office. For IDs not recovered, a new id+ card may be obtained at the id+ Office at the current replacement fee. After hours, students may obtain a temporary replacement ID at their area Housing commons desk for a nominal fee until they can visit the id+ Office. New or replacement IDs will be active immediately for residence hall access, Campus Meal Plan and LionCash+ account access, and fitness membership access.

Can I use my id+ card to access my bank accounts?
Through an exclusive banking partnership with PNC Bank, students may link their PNC checking account to the id+ card so the id+ card can be used to get cash at any ATM. With 12 ATMs and a Customer Service Center on campus, PNC makes banking easy for Penn State students. Plus, PNC’s Virtual Wallet® Student account makes it easy for students to manage their money. They will have free access to their account at more than 7,100 PNC Bank ATMs, online and text message banking, and account alerts that help them keep track of their checking balance. For more information, visit the Customer Service Center inside the id+ Office, 103 HUB-Robeson, call 814-231-1615, or visit the website.

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