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What does the Pennsylvania meningococcal law mean to me?

All Penn State students residing in on-campus housing, including all residence halls and apartments, are required by state law to acknowledge the Meningococcal Vaccination Certification requirement. This requirement is acknowledged when the student accepts the Housing Contract, and is valid for the duration of the student’s residency in oncampus housing. Additional information about this requirement is available online.


Does the University insure student personal belongings?

The University does not carry insurance on student personal property. Before coming to campus, check to see if your family homeowner’s insurance policy covers you in residence halls. If you are not covered, please consider purchasing renter’s insurance.

Where can I go to work out?

There are four fitness facilities that offer weight lifting and cardiovascular training: White Bldg. Fitness Center, IM Fitness Center, Rec Hall Fitness Center, and the The Fitness Loft. Each of these facilities are equipped with state of the art equipment including: barbells, dumbbells, plate loaded machines, selectorized weight lifting equipment, stair climbers, rowers, stationary bikes and tread mills. Go to the athletics page for information on types of equipment, hours,and membership fees.

Is there security in the residence halls?

Each residence hall on campus is equipped with an electronic, computerized card-access system that utilizes your id+ card. Only residents of the building can gain access by swiping their cards through the card reader on each building. The system is operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Guests of residents may enter only by accompanying the host resident or by using phones located outside each residence hall to call the host resident, who will escort the guest to his or her room. Only the host resident or a staff member may open the entrance door for the guest and must escort the guest throughout the hall at all times.

Are there resources available in the event of a financial emergency?

Yes. Please visit Adult Learner Programs in 210 Boucke Building.

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