Technology and Social Media 101

If you are suffering from specific computer issues, please visit our  Computer & Technology FAQ or the IT Services website.

For those of you returning to start or complete your college education, you’ve probably noticed that this site contains links to the various social media. If you have an account with any of the sites, then you probably have a fair understanding of how you follow a page or person. However, maybe you don’t know more than how to type a basic message or you fall into the category of knowing every one of your close contacts or family members use it, but you hold no understanding or desire to join them.

This page was specifically made with every type of person in mind; from computer whizzes and the self-taught to Gibbs level technophobes.  The links set on the page don’t take you to just a page of text that give very brief descriptions and leave people more confused than when they started. Step-by-step instructions are found on each of the pages, either accompanied by pictures or made into a slide show that is under the complete control of the viewer.

May the social media force be with you.









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