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Law Enforcement on Campus

University Police Officers are responsible for the protection of students, faculty, staff and guests of The Pennsylvania State University. Officers are also charged with the protection of life, property and maintenance of order on the University Park campus as well as the enforcement of all Pennsylvania laws and University regulations.

University Police officers have full law enforcement authority and criminal investigative responsibility for the campus. University Police Officers are commissioned under the Administrative Code of 1929 and the Municipal Police Officers Education and Training law (Act 120 of 1974) and have the same authority as municipal police officers in the Commonwealth, being authorized to carry firearms and empowered to make arrests.

The department consists of 51 armed, sworn Police Officers and supervisory staff, nine Assistant Police Officers, six Police Dispatchers, and two Property Protection Guards. These employees provide protection and service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Police Officers are assigned to mobile, motorcycle, bicycle and foot patrols. In addition to the full-time staff, student Auxiliary Officers aid in fulfilling the mission. Students are used most frequently for security services and special events. Auxiliary Police is a uniformed student division within the University Police.

Physical Security

University Police and the Office of Physical Plant partner together in the program which provides professional security and fire alarm protection services to the University community consistent with the University’s mission, culture, and resources in order to facilitate a safe and secure campus environment.

Reporting Crimes

Unless citizens report crimes promptly, participate in and support crime prevention efforts, the criminal justice system operates under a severe handicap. If crimes are never reported, little can be done to help other members of the community from becoming victims. The University community can be much safer with your assistance. Report unusual activity to the police immediately. To report a crime, call University Police at 814-863-1111 or report a crime anonymously through Report A Crime.

Emergency Telephones

To assist with expedient reporting, emergency phones have been installed at various locations around campus. A direct line to University Police is available on the phones located outside most residence halls. These two types of phones require the user to either lift the receiver or push a red button. Once the phone is activated, it will immediately ring at University Police. The location will then be recorded and action will be taken.

Safe Walk Service

The Safe Walk Service 814-865-WALK (9255) is designed to provide walking accompaniment to Penn State students, faculty and staff who may feel unsafe walking alone on campus at night. Mobile transport may also be provided to augment the walking service, when appropriate.

The Safe Walk Service operates out of the Auxiliary Police, which is a uniformed student division within the University Police. Uniformed student employees who carry police radios, will walk Penn State students, faculty and staff from one on-campus location to another, and to within reasonable walking distance off-campus. Accompaniments are available from dusk to dawn 365 days a year. Mobile transports will be sent at the discretion of the Safe Walk Dispatcher and are free of charge. Reasons for sending a mobile transport may include, but are not limited to, location of the caller and the distance to the destination, availability of walkers, and weather conditions. Mobile transports are generally limited to a onemile radius of central campus.


PSUAlert is an emergency notification service for Penn State students, faculty and staff that allows the University to send text and/or voice messages to your cell phone in the event of an emergency (such as weather-related closings, delays, and other alerts). After you register for a Penn State access account, add your cell phone number and other emergency contact information to PSUAlert. All students, faculty and staff automatically will receive PSUAlert messages at their Penn State email address.

Emergency Planning and Procedures

The University has developed plans to address emergencies that could impact operations. These include plans for power outages, inclement weather, acts of terrorism or aggression, and infectious diseases through coordination with local agencies and organizations. As an ongoing process, these plans are updated to address necessary provisions for students, faculty and staff.

Behavioral Threat Management

In order to extend our efforts on emergency preparedness and prevention, Penn State University has established a Behavioral Threat Management Team. The objective of the Behavioral Threat Management Team (BTMT) is to put in place a structured process for evaluating potentially threatening situations that occur at the University. The team is comprised of multidisciplinary members from around the University community. If you would like further information about the BTMT please visit their website.

Crime Statistics

Criminal statistics are reported to the Pennsylvania State Police for annual publication in Crime in Pennsylvania, the Uniform Crime Report of the Commonwealth. The statistics are also available in the U.S. Department of Justice Publication, Crime in the United States, which is available at all public libraries and most law enforcement agencies within the United States. Crime Statistics are also available by writing to University Police, The Pennsylvania State University, 30 Eisenhower Parking Deck, University Park, PA 16802-2116 or can be accessed on the internet.
Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the offices of the University Police Department located?

University Police is located in the Eisenhower Parking Deck.

Should students call 911 or 3-1111 in an emergency?

By calling 911 or 3-1111(814-863-1111) students can summon police, fire and/or EMS assistance to the location.

What if students have a question about safety on campus? Can they call anytime?

University Police is open twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year. At all times, there is a supervisor on duty. University Police can be reached at 814-863-1111.

What resources are available through University Police for victims of crime?

University Police has a Victim Resource Officer who specializes in assisting victims of crime with finding the programs and services that are available here at Penn State. Contact the Victim Resource Officer, Detective Stephanie Brooks at 814-863-1907.
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