All Hallows Eve…

Its 330 a.m. and I just remembered I have to write a halloween themed post for this blog. Well shoooot.

When I started to get into mashups last year, I found another to love holidays – there a a pletora of great remixes and mashups inspired by the major holidays. Halloween is an interesting one because… well.. there’s kind of a small pool of “halloween” songs to draw from. You end up with a whole lot of thriller remixes. Too many, actually. But while we’re talking about it, I’ll go ahead and say that Wick-It’s remix is the best.  dat drop and tempo change… 

Halloween is a great time to dig up some drumstep that’s a little more “scary” sounding, so I’ll throw a few of my favorites out there. First and foremost, it’s hard to do halloween songs and not mention Figure’s massive remix of the classic track “This is Halloween,” isn’t it? Figure might as well have written the book on drumstep – caustic bass tone and sharp rythms galore. If you’ve managed to survive the popularity of “Internet Friends” and don’t hate it habitually, Poisound’s Remix is really quite impressive. Definitely not a dance tune, but it’s incredibly intense. I’m not sure exactly why, but I always lump one other epic track with halloween – New World Disorder by Arkasia – something about the composition of the track just comes off as incredibly sinister. Regardless, it’s a great melding of orchestral build, electronic energy and hard-style-esque synth lines that’s very inventive.

Oh sh– this is supposed to be a mashup blog… well here’s a great one to round things out (by two gods in the mashup scene) – Turnin Tricks for Treats by D.Veloped and Basic Physics.

Oh, and happy Halloween.

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  1. Kevin Helm says:

    I love how you italicized the electonic slang. I find myself using these internet slangs more and more

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