Tis the Season…

Couldn’t leave this blog Christmas post-less, so here we go, a quick
list of fun mashes and remixes for the holiday season.

VoiceDude – Forget You, Santa!

My favorite Christmas mashup. Putting little Michael over the Cee Lo
beat works so well, since they happen to have such compatible swings
to them. Really a holiday gem.


Drop Goblin – Snow Miser Bass Jam

EDM Christmas song… just passing through… Yeah, it’s a bit
gimmicky, but if you like Mid-Tempo moombah-ish tracks, it’s worth a
listen. If you don’t know what that means, give it a shot anyway.

DJ Schmolli – Back Door Santa Getting It On

Now you know I love me some Schmolli – his choices for sampling work
beautifully. There’s a general lack of seriousness in his tracks
which comes without the typical stupidity of forced-joke mashups.
Anyways, this Christmas themed one is no different… although the
matching viedo is admittedly pretty silly.

MojoChronic – Yuletide Zeppelin I and II (YZIYZII)

MojoChronic is actually a commonly featured artist on Santastic
(Schmolli has been featured too, actually) – a Christmas-themed
mashup compilation that gets released (almost) every year. There’s a
lot of material in this collection, and I encourage anyone with a
free afternoon to skim through an album or two to find some favorites
of your own. Both of these tracks are great because they carry their
zeppelin/christmas theme without sounding forced or overly gimicky.


Bonus Sillyness
Dirty Boyz – All I Want for Christmas (Is to Get it Crunk)

I don’t have anything to say about this, other then you should
probably keep it off the playlist for the family christmas party.

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