Post-Doctoral Teaching Fellow, The Pennsylvania State University

Policy Making & Evaluation

Course Description:

Has the Affordable Care Act been a success or a failure, and how do we know? What would a “college for all” policy look like? Are legislators trying to protect women’s health, or do they want to make abortions illegal? What’s a CBO score? This course examines how conflicting values, goals, and policy solutions lead to the public policies we see at the local, state, and national level. Students will learn research design tools to answer three main questions:

  • At what point is a problem worth addressing with a public policy?
  • In what ways do political processes and institutions influence the solutions available to policymakers?
  • How can we measure whether a policy is a success or a failure?

The course will draw primarily on the current political environment, but will also call upon U.S. political history to frame our discussions.


For the complete syllabus, please click here.

Teaching Evaluations:

For a summary of my teaching evaluations from this class, please click here.

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