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‘Titan Arm’ empowers those in need of strength

Designing advanced exoskeletons for super-human strength seems like something Tony Stark (Iron Man) would do in his free time. However, exoskeletons find applications in the life of the common man too. A team of four undergraduate students at the University … Continue reading

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The ‘Wristify’ prototype: Cool the individual, not the building

Over the centuries, subtle observations have triggered revolutionary innovations. Goethe’s play Faust spurred Nikola Tesla to invent the induction motor in 1888. The shape of the ancient ‘ouroboros’ symbol led chemist August KekulĂ© to raise the curtain on the chemical … Continue reading

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‘The Sub’ by Heineken: Drink flamboyantly

The beverage industry has a huge place people’s lives. Enjoying beverages, such as soft drinks or beer, with family and friends is seen as one of the best ways to relax. Due to steady demand, there is a large incentive … Continue reading

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Two birds with one stone: HEVO’s Power Station tackles wireless charging and sustainability

In the past few decades, Electric Vehicles (or EVs) have experienced a revival. With the advancement of modern technology, electric motors have become better competitors to traditional gasoline engines. Lower consumption of gasoline will lead to greater environmental sustainability, a … Continue reading

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