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4-D Printing: the future may build itself

3-D printing is a technology that is on everyone’s lips at the moment. From consumer products to human organs, the applications of 3-D printing could change the way we manufacture. However, Skylar Tibbits of MIT is preparing to take this … Continue reading

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Fliz concept bike: blurring the lines between walking and cycling

In 1818, Karl Drais invented the Laufmaschine (running machine) which functioned without pedals. His machine is classified as a velocipede, defined as a “bicycle propelled by pushing the feet along the ground”. It is considered as the immediate precursor to … Continue reading

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Pure Tension: an elegant charging solution for EVs

You leave your car in the parking lot. When you return, the interior is scorching hot. What do you do? Turn on the AC. Why not harness the sun’s energy instead? The firm ‘Synthesis Design + Architecture’ (SDA) has used … Continue reading

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Delivery by drone: Amazon Prime Air in testing stage

The U.S. Army currently deploys drones that are used for security and surveillance purposes. Amazon, the world’s leading online retailer, has plans to commercialize the idea of the drone. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos recently unveiled ‘Amazon Prime Air’, a service … Continue reading

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PowerWalk knee brace: powering soldiers on the go

The soldiers of today must carry batteries to power a variety of gadgets, namely “night vision goggles, radios and navigation gear”. Typically, 13 to 15 batteries weighing up to 5 kilograms are carried. To reduce the weight on soldiers’ shoulders, … Continue reading

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Trans-Atlantic maglev train: when engineering meets its Mount Everest

New York and London are separated by 3,459 miles of ocean. By air, this distance takes 8 hours to cover. In recent times, engineers have proposed the construction of a maglev train between these cities. The train zips through a … Continue reading

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