David Chakravorty

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David Chakravorty
Brisbane, Australia
PhD.University of Queensland
Area of Research
Heterotrimeric G protein mediated signal transduction mechanisms
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Heterotrimeric G protein mediated signal transduction mechanisms

I had previously worked on plant heterotrimeric G proteins (consisting of Gα, Gβ and Gγ subunits) with Prof. Jimmy Botella at the University of Queensland in Australia. There we identified AGG3, the third Gγ subunit in Arabidopsis that represents a novel class of heterotrimeric G protein γ subunits with C-termini highly enriched in cysteine residues. AGG3 was found to be involved in multiple previously identified GPA1- (α subunit) and AGB1- (β subunit) mediated G protein phenotypes, including the impairment of ABA-mediated inhibition of stomatal opening. Since coming to the Assmann laboratory, my focus has been on further elucidating how plant heterotrimeric G proteins function, including the mechanism of action of the GPA1/AGB1/AGG3 heterotrimer in guard cells, and what function the unique C-terminal cysteine-rich domain of AGG3 may play therein.

Relevant Publications:

Trusov Y, Chakravorty D, Botella J (2012) Diversity of heterotrimeric G-protein γ subunits in plants. BMC Research Notes 5: 608.
Thung L, Trusov Y, Chakravorty D, Botella JR (2012) Gγ1 + Gγ2 + Gγ3 = Gβ: The search for heterotrimeric G-protein γ-subunits in Arabidopsis is over. Journal of Plant Physiology 169: 542-545.
Chakravorty D, Trusov Y, Botella JR (2012) Site-directed mutagenesis of the Arabidopsis heterotrimeric G protein γ-subunit suggests divergent mechanisms of effector activation between plant and animal G proteins. Planta 235: 615-627.
Chakravorty D, Trusov Y, Zhang W, Acharya BR, Sheahan MB, et al. (2011) An atypical heterotrimeric G-protein γ-subunit is involved in guard cell K+-channel regulation and morphological development in Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant Journal 67: 840-851.