What is Asteria and How to Use It

Asteria is now the Ed Tech Advisor! Please go to http://sites.psu.edu/ETA for the latest version. This site is now obsolete.

Asteria is a decision support tool that enables you to match pedagogical needs to education technology/media resources available at Penn State.

Options for using Asteria include:

  • Help Me Choose A Tool: Receive several guiding questions to direct you to an appropriate tool. This option is recommended if you are using this tool for the first time.
  • Show Me All The Tools: Browse all included tools.
  • I Would Like To/I Would Like My Students To: Receive a listing of several verbs/short phrases (tags) where upon selection you will be directed to an appropriate tool.

Select One of the Asteria Options Below:

Help Me Choose A Tool

Show Me All The Tools

I Would Like To

I Would Like My Students To

About Tags and Terminology…

At the bottom of many pages you will see a list of tags, or key words. These are words that are associated with the current page, and perhaps other pages as well. If you click on a tag, it will perform a search and display all pages on the site for which that tag is associated. It’s a great way to explore!

Visit the PSU WebLearning Site for definitions of online learning terminology, such as asynchronous and synchronous tools.