Graduate student and astronomy writer


A full list of my teaching experience is now online on my curriculum vitae.

Statement of Teaching Philosophy:

As a part of my completion of a graduate student teaching certificate through the Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence at Penn State, I have written a statement of teaching philosophy. While this document will evolve over time, this represents some of my current beliefs regarding teaching undergraduate science courses.

Example of Classroom Slides:

This past summer I was a lab group mentor for Penn State’s Upward Bound Math and Science Program in the Summer Experience in Eberly College of Science (SEECoS). Part of my and my co-mentor’s responsibilities were to teach our students about the topic of our group, which in our case was “The Search for Planets, The Search for Life.” Here is a setĀ of our lesson slides, focused on Light Curves. These slides were supplemented by think-pair-share, board work, discussions, and worksheets.

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