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An Update From the Astronomers Who Proposed the Alien Megastructures, The Atlantic

A feature length article I co-authored with my adviser, Dr. Jason Wright, about the “most mysterious star in the galaxy,” aka KIC 8462852, aka “Boyajian’s Star” aka “Tabby’s Star” aka the “WFT?!? Star.” This article gives an overview of the discovery, mystery, and controversy surrounding Boyajian’s Star as of May 2016. Edited by Ross Anderson of The Atlantic.

NASA NEID Planet Finder Press Release

A press release I wrote on behalf of the Penn State College of Science Media Relations team for the NN-EXPLORE Exoplanet Investigations with Doppler Spectroscopy (NEID) planet finding instrument to be build by Penn State’s astronomy department.

Space Exploration Network (Sen)

I was an expert blogger and correspondent for Sen with a weekly column about extra-solar planets. You can view my blogs and news articles at The blogs and news reports are no longer paywalled.

News articles:

Gemini Planet Imager Finds its First Young Jupiter-like Planet (8/15/2015)

Closest rocky exoplanet confirmed by NASA’s Spitzer Telescope (7/30/15)


This is my personal astronomy blog, found here on this website. It is mostly dedicated to communicating fundamental concepts about exoplanets and about breaking astronomy news stories. I have also used it to live-blog at conferences, provide examples of effective communication techniques, and post about life as a graduate student.

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