Main Publications

Research papers are available online at

 The Dynamics of Mergers and Acquisitions (with Erwan Morellec), Journal of Financial Economics, 77, 2005

Competitive Equilibrium with Debt, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 42, 2007

Financing and Takeovers (with Erwan Morellec), Journal of Financial Economics, 87, 2008

A Theory of Merger-Driven IPOs (with Evgeny Lyandres and Jim Hsieh), Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 46, 2011

A Theory of Strategic Mergers (with Gennaro Bernile and Evgeny Lyandres), Review of Finance, 16, 2012

Real Options, Volatility, and Stock Returns (with Gustavo Grullon and Evgeny Lyandres), Journal of Finance, 67, 2012

R&D and the Incentives from Merger and Acquisition Activity (with Gordon Phillips), Review of Financial Studies, 26, 2013

Financing Investment: The Choice between Public and Private Debt (with Erwan Morellec and Philip Valta), Management Science, 61, 2015

Equity Misvaluation and Default Options  (with Assaf Eisdorfer and Amit Goyal), forthcoming in Journal of Finance


Other Publications

Earnings and Equity Valuation in the Biotech Industry: Theory and Evidence (with Philip Joos), Financial Management, 37, 2008.

Accelerated Investment in the Presence of Risky Debt (with Evgeny Lyandres), Journal of Banking and Finance, 34, 2010

Convertible Debt and Investment Timing (with Evgeny Lyandres), Journal of Corporate Finance, 2013

Investment Opportunities and Bankruptcy Prediction, Journal of Financial Markets, 2014

Distress Anomaly and Shareholder Risk: International Evidence (with Assaf Eisdorfer and Amit Goyal), forthcoming in Financial Management


Working Papers

Venture Capital Investments and Merger and Acquisition Activity around the World  (with Gordon Phillips)

Presented at HKUST, Hong Kong University, Michigan State University, University of Syracuse, Indiana University

Scheduled: 2018 Southern California Private Equity Conference, 2018 FIRS, 2018 SFS Cavalcade

Product Market Competition and Option Prices (with Erwan Morellec) 

Presented at University of Warwick, Cambrigde, Cass Business School, 2017 CMU-PSU-Pitt Finance Conference, 2017 SFS Cavalcade 

Misvaluation of Investment Options (with Evgeny Lyandres and Egor Matveyev)

Presented at: Penn State University, Boston University, Arizona State University, George Mason, 2016 Gerzensee, 2016 IDC Summer Finance Conference, 2016 High School of Economics Conference, 2017 European Winter Summit Conference, University of Oregon Summer Conference, 2017 FIRS, 2017 WFA, 2017 EFA, 2017 NFA, 2018 AFA, 2018 Utah Winter Finance Conference

Maturity Driven Mispricing of Options (with Assaf Eisdorfer and Ronnie Sadka)

Presented at University of Connecticut

Scheduled: 2018 WFA

Optimal Capital Structure in a Duopoly

Presented at University of Rochester

Misvaluation and Return Anomalies in Distress Stocks (with Assaf Eisdorfer and Amit Goyal)  

Presented at 2014 AFA, Penn State, Emory, HKUST, Florida State, IDC Herzliya, NTU, NUS, UT Dallas, Virgina Tech, Warwick