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April 14th: Today I found motivation in my tea. “Empty yourself and let the universe fill you.” I feel like as a student I’m constantly obsessed with finding my “niche.” It was pretty inspirational to see this on my tea bag.  As I go through life the universe will fulfill my so called “destiny.”  I shouldn’t obsess over getting that dream internship or the fact that I didn’t lift today.

April 13rd: I’ll never fobsessionorget the time my beautiful roommate looked in the mirror and said that she knows her body isn’t perfect but she loves it. Even though I see none of the imperfections she does. I realized that more people should think this way. I need to think this way.

I then joined on the positive thinking train and thought, “Yeah my stomach isn’t perfect! But I  can chose to love that part of me!”

It’s always been important to me to learn how to be comfortable with the person I am. Only then can I improve on that person.  I read this interesting article once on how women who think negatively about themselves only spread their negative viewpoint to their friends and family.  These other people then think “If that’s wrong with her, what’s wrong with me…?” It’s important to spread positive energy.  It’s important to encourage your friends that by being comfortable and accepting their imperfection, they are creating their own definition of perfection.

In the article that inspired this #mondaymotivation, it was stated that 90% of women participate in trash-talking their own bodies. This is even shown in the popular movie Mean Girls. Regina George complains about her “too broad shoulders” and every other plastic chimes in with what they think is wrong with their own body as a way to sympathize with their queen bee.  But it’s important to take a stand and spread the word that self love is the new black.

Negative energy feeds off of other negative energy. Deplete it’s source and spread self love.

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  1. geh5076
    April 21, 2015 at 6:39 am (4 years ago)

    I love this post! When I came to college is when I started looking in the mirror and thinking negatively about my body, mostly because everyone around me did! I was exposed to girls always wanting to be so skinny and never content with who they are. That took a hold of me and made me someone I didn’t want to be. Fitness has helped me relax my mind and not care what I look like. Great post!

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