Things Students Must Know About ANGEL

Browser and Browsing

1. The recommended browsers for ANGEL are according to ANGEL Support’s Supported Browsers and Recommended Computers article found at

Current stable and final release browser versions are supported for use with ANGEL. Due to the rapid release cycles for certain browsers, there is a greater chance that compatibility issues with websites can occur. If a new browser update introduces an issue, please report it to ANGEL Support. In many cases, simply switching to another browser can resolve most issues.

The following web browsers are supported for use with ANGEL on a Windows or Mac OS system:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Firefox Extended Service Release (ESR)
  • Chrome
  • Safari

The following browsers and technologies are recommended for mobile devices:

  • Safari on iOS
  • Chrome on Android

2.    The default browser on Behrend computer lab machines is IE10. If you prefer Firefox, follow the following steps: click on – All Programs – Web browsers, Email, and Plug-­ins, Firefox, and then Firefox *.*.

3.    Do NOT use multiple browser tabs to browse or edit multiple ANGEL courses or sections no matter which browser you are using. It will create errors.


Courses and Registration

5.    Not all instructors use ANGEL for teaching or posting grades. If your instructor does not make the course active, you will not be able to see the course when you log on ANGEL. So don’t panic when you can’t see a course you have registered, check with your instructor first.

6.   All course registration or add/drop have to be completed by the student through eLion If you were manually added to an ANGEL course without registration, you may end up having no grades because you are still “unregistered” on record.

7.   If you add or drop a course, changes in ANGEL’s course roster are NOT immediate but will be reflected between 24 hours after add/drop.

8.   ANGEL system performs maintenance on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 4:00 to 6:00 a.m. U.S. Eastern Time, during which time ANGEL will be unavailable.


Email to and from ANGEL

9.   Although look alike, ANGEL mail and PSU webmail are two separate mailboxes. This means by default you will have to log on to ANGEL to see an email sent from an ANGEL course/group. To simplify this approach, you can forward ANGEL mail to PSU webmail. Technically, you can forward ANGEL mail to any non-­‐Penn State email address, but based on past experiences, Penn State webmail works the best.

10. You can add the Course Mail tool to My Profile page. This tool will collect all ANGEL mail and place them in one place so that you don’t have to check the message course by course. For detailed instructions, please refer to the handout Edit My Profile Page at.

11. If you have forwarded ANGEL mail to Penn State webmail, the “Reply to All” link would allow you to reply to the sender only.

12. If your Penn State webmail cannot read an attached file, you can always download a good copy of the attachment from ANGEL > the course > Communicate tab > Inbox.



13. Not all professors use ANGEL’s gradebook. But if they do, grades and comments entered on ANGEL should be visible to you immediately. If not, contact your instructor to check the release time of that grade.

14. If you need to submit a homework assignment to an ANGEL’s dropbox, please make sure you complete the submission process described in  Submitting a File to Dropbox. If the process is not complete, the instructor will not be able to find the submission.

15. Other frequently read articles for students can be found by clicking the category to the right of this text:  ANGEL – STUDENTS.

16. Each ANGEL course has a space limit of 1.5 GB shared among all users (instructors, TAs, students, everyone) in the course. Please be aware of file size and how it may affect others before uploading a media file.

To fill out a work order form, please click on Help! at the top of this page.

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