RPTM510: Tourism Behavior, Spring 2018 (PDF)
Hospitality Managerial Accounting, Fall 2017 (PDF)
MBAD531_Spring 2016 Syllabus-Final-qd17szRPTM397: Hospitality Managerial Accounting, Penn State University
RPTM410: Marketing for Recreation Services (), Penn State University
MBAD 531 Forecasting and Business Analytics in Hospitality (PDF), MBA Program, College of Charleston
Hospitality and Tourism Information Management (PDF), EMBA Program, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Principles of Travel and Tourism, (PDF), College of Charleston
Summer 2010 Study Abroad in Asia University, Taiwan, College of Charleston
HTMT 360 Summer Study Abroad in China!, College of Charleston
HTMT 354 Hospitality and Tourism Technology (PDF), College of Charleston
DSCI 300 HTM Management Information Systems (PDF), College of Charleston
HTMT 360 Online Marketing for HTM (PDF), College of Charleston
Introduction to Tourism, Nanjing University