Rhetorical Analysis: Persuasive Elements of First Fireside Chat

Fireside Chats



-Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Several banking panics in the years of 1929-1933 caused American citizens to transfer their deposits from banks to gold and silver, thus causing the bankruptcy of financial institutions across the United States. FDR, with his friendly and comfortable mannerism, sent out a series of radio broadcasts, this being the first one, which was broadcasted in 1933.

How does the author target an audience, respond to an audience, and/or construct an audience?

  • Radio broadcast, creates a more intimate environment with the country’s citizens

How does the work’s style make meaning?

  • The style of the work (warm, comfortable, equalizing) expresses a point that he makes in which the message is to unite the people and reinstill their trust in the government and the nation’s banks


  • Makes mood of conversation very comfortable, easy to accept message
  • Pride in one’s country, the want to hold it together


  • President of the US, who is educated in banking policy and finance
  • Begins with “My friends” to equalize himself with the people
  • FDR’s comforting manner comforts the audience and hopefully allows them to be more comfortable with leaving their money in banks


  • Informs the people about banking and his recent actions to recover from the panic so that they are more confident in the concept and are less likely to withdraw their money


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