Quote #2: Science vs. Religion?

“Science is explanatory, Religion is interpretive. The two are separate, they are not in competition, they serve two different purposes.” -My Religious Studies Teacher.

I bet you’re all thinking “HERE we go!” as the little person in your mind flings their arms up in exasperation. Yes, this quote is about a topic that has almost been beaten to death, but here is my take on it…


Basically, just what it says. RELIGION is something that is defined by the time & place in which it was established. Let’s ignore the biases and preconceived notions we already have about these two subjects; without going into details of what HUMANS do in the name of religion (good or bad), I think most people can agree that at its core religion is just a way for some people to get more meaning out of life. Many people consider science to be the antithesis of religion, but I say that’s just poppycock (yea I giggled when I typed it too). Science is a way to explain and explore our natural world, our natural surroundings, how things in the world work. Religion is about exploration of the individual, human mind and soul.  Religion= internal/intrinsic, Science= external/extrinsic. They are both meant for two different things, stop confusing them people. Stop setting them into conflict with each other!

You can put together a very convincing and very solid argument about the horrible things that have happened in the past due to religion. Absolutely, not arguing with you there…You can ALSO do the same thing with science people…

Yea people bombed buildings and raided and what-have-you in the name of religion…people have also done that & are given the TOOLS to do so because of science. But we don’t hear such outraged responses to that as often do we? These are things people do, do not persecute an entire idea because of the things people do in their name. And do not pit two ideas against each other because the followers of one idea have massed biases against the other. That is all 🙂





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  1. I could not agree more. I think that religion and science should stop going head to head; although they could go together nicely if people would let them. Your point about the internal/instrinsic vs. the external.extrinsic was great because it really demonstrates the purpose of both religion and science and makes a really insightful argument.

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