RCL #2: Addario’s Passion vs. Mine

Reading Part 1 of It’s What I Do came at the most perfect time for me. Lynsey Addario starts to incorporate some doubts that she has with her career/personal life. This weekend, I was juggling a lot mentally and questioning some decisions. Did I make the right choice with my major? Am I truly passionate about the topic of my passion blog? The list continues to go on and on. If you’re anything like me, once you start to question one thing, you begin to question everything.

Addario explains a time when her Nana told her a story about her decisions with love and the regrets that she has. Adding this encounter with her Nana into her novel gave a message to the readers that having to compromise one important aspect of your life for another should never be the solution.

“I never forgot that story. And I never wanted to regret the kisses I missed.” Addario makes it clear that her purpose in life is photography, but she will never let that stop her from having the memorable experiences that make us human.

Experiences that make us human. You may be wondering what that even means. Everyone has different experiences, encounters, memories, and stories that mold us into the people that we are.

Similarly to Addario, I can recall one time in particular when my passion became clear to me.

It was truly and utterly life-changing.

When I was 9-years-old, I witnessed a man get stabbed right before my eyes.

I’m sure you have millions of questions racked up in your brain right now. Well, if you want to understand why this happened and how it introduced me to the interest I have for crime/criminals, check out my passion blog: where I will be diving deeper into this life-changing story and how it introduces the topic I wish to discuss with you all.

One thought on “RCL #2: Addario’s Passion vs. Mine

  1. Sry It was a mistake, I’m so sorry for that…..

    Hi, Sophia! I’m extremely shocked by your experiences you put in that RCL blog, I assume that was a unique story and kind of unforgettable for life-long. And I totally agree with you that life-changing story could cause such an impressive influence deeply in your heart. In your blog, you use “Experience that makes us human.” to highlight your main point about your passion blog and something you’re learned from Addario. From my own experiences, I decided to pick Psychology major because my mom has influenced me so much and I have engaged in activities such as charity, hospital, and even special-needs school. Thought of those experiences, I finally found out the answer that I was looking for: I want to study Psychology to achieve my goal. Overall, hope you can find out the answer to the question that you are questioning about.

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