RCL #3 Incorporating Addario’s Work Into My Own

Part II of It’s What I Do was very powerful in the way it was written. Although I was only an infant at the time of 9/11, I was definitely affected by it indirectly. Yes, It was a tragic time for America, that part is obvious. But what Addario highlights is how tragic it was for the Middle East as well.

We as sheltered Americans do not get exposed to that side of the war. But thankfully for Addario and others like her, now we are.

While I was reading the final paragraph of Part II, I felt like I was a part of her turbulent journey. She used key aspects of pathos to grasp onto to my emotions. In the closing paragraph, she explains how all of her hard work had been shut down by Americans who did not have a clue about what she went through or what the people directly involved in the war were experiencing. This filled my body with a sense of outrage not only for her but for the compelling photos that needed to be seen by the American public.

Throughout the 65 pages that this part of the novel includes, Addario uses her stories, word choices, and emotions to captivate all of the reader’s emotions (or at least mine). She uses the concepts of informational speaking and speaking to entertain to gain reader’s attention. She concludes this portion of the book with an ending that leaves us wanting more.

I want to see her go back to Iraq. I want to see her passion used to capture raw moments. I want to see her works be published and appreciated. I want to read Part III!

I think the most important aspect of Addario’s writing that I can incorporate into mine is how she expresses her endless passion and determination to continue to do what she loves, while practically giving her reader’s that same passion, solely through her words. I want to be able to capture the attention, emotions, excitement, sympathy, anger, thrill, and passion from my readers so that they patiently anticipate the next blog, just as I do with Addario’s “Part III”.

2 thoughts on “RCL #3 Incorporating Addario’s Work Into My Own

  1. I really like your insight into Addario’s writings about shooting in a post 9/11 era. These years were a very formative part of her career and it is important to acknowledge how her writing skills were able to portray this monumental event. Make sure you also acknowledge Addario’s level of detail. When talking about this section, you need to acknowledge her vivid detail and in your analysis, focus on one of her ideas. This entire section focuses on life post 9/11 but there are many vivid scenes throughout this section that are also important. Overall, great thoughts just focus on the details.

  2. I really like your insight on how the post 9/11 era shaped Addario’s career. Make sure you focus on the details of her vivid writing and not just the general timeline of her work. This section includes an incredible amount of vivid details and passionate stories about the terror she has faced. Her passion shows greatly in this section and you have great insight on how 9/11 changed her career.

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