Rhetorical Analysis Draft

When I enter the mall, this first place I want to go is to the Sunglass Hut. I immediately walk into the store, full of optimism and excitement to possibly grab a new pair of shades for the upcoming summer. However, after studying a few of the prices, I walk out empty handed, feeling a sense of financial defeat. Why have brands become so expensive and high-end that only a certain class of individuals/celebrities afford them? Is it the brand name or the quality of them? As societal pressures and celebrity influences increase, so do economic standards for sunglass brands.

Point #1: Celebrity Influences

  • Aspect of ethos
  • Would people value cheaper sunglasses if celebrities advertised for them too?
  • Also discuss the ever-changing trends with sunglasses and the impact that has on brands

Point #2: High-End Brands vs. Cheaper brands

  • Make comparisons
  • Discuss the pros and cons of each
  • Bring up the value that quality vs. pricing plays


Point #3: Economic Benefits

  • Explain how the economy has changed as sunglass prices have increased
  • Break down the supply and demand factor with sunglasses and brands

Point #4: Societal Pressures

  • Can someone keep up with society’s influences regarding brands no matter their financial situation?
  • Is there a priority when it comes to spending on sunglasses?

Whether or not you can walk out of the Sunglass Hut with a new pair of Dior’s every time you go shopping should not matter, but somehow it still does. Brands are constantly creating a new style and era of sunglasses, but the financial sacrifice one has to make continues to increase. How can we keep up? Celebrities should begin to use their power to advertise more affordable brands. Brands should not be the deciding factor on purchases. So next time you’re in a Sunglass Hut, choose something that fits all of your wants and needs—something that is appropriate for you, NOT for anyone or anything else.

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