RCL #6: Conflicted.

After Addario creates a strong love connection with Paul, she has to make sacrifices to become a part of his life like she has never had to do before. She has to attend dinners with people she would usually never socialize with. This brings out some skeletons that Addario normally does not have to deal with.

She obviously loves Paul like she has never loved a man before, otherwise she would not be going to fancy dinners like the one she mentions. Addario is independent and does whatever she wants, but with Paul she is different.

“When I arrived at the restaurant… I knew I was in trouble.”

Throughout the novel, there are points where Addario clearly wants to live a normal life with people that grew up in the same way she did. However, at this point I believe that her opinions have changed. The people she spent this particular night with did not seem to care about her career or what she was doing to make an impact in our world. Addario desperately wanted the approval of these people who did not seem to even slightly care about her. But why?

No matter where her line of work will take her, Addario reminds us that she is still a woman, she still grew up with the same insecurities that all girls do. She dreaded spending more time with the people that made her feel small and powerless. But she was in love, and like she has always reminded her readers, with love comes sacrifices.

Being a young woman in today’s society, I can relate to Addario’s constant need for approval by everyone, regardless of the situation she may be in. It can sometimes get in the way of my goals or what I am trying to accomplish. But Addario is a powerful woman, and she will not let her insecurities stop her from doing great work.

Because I am writing my passion blog about serial killers, it can definitely bring about some question for me. All of the serial killers that I have discussed/will be discussing in my blogs are men, and the majority of the victims are women. It makes me look at the bigger picture: beyond murder, why are women victims to so much in our world? Why can’t more women be like Addario: willing to fight for what they believe in, to fight for love, and most importantly, to fight for their passion?

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