I am both a documentary photographer and a collector of historic documentary photography. You can see some results of these endeavors in my books, including the book of historic photographs in Steelton. In this gallery, I have posted some of my copyright-protected b&w photographs that especially show a “slice of life” or what others may call “an ethnographic eye.” For an online exhibition on   the “strongman” figure in culture, click here.

cropped storytelling photo at camp hunter.jpg

Storytelling at Hunting Camp. Included in the the article “This Is Why We Hunt” in Western Folklore 2004.

Thumbnail image for No 1, B-032 Steamship Ticket Office of J. Jiras, 1913.jpg

Steamship Ticket Office, Steelton, Pennsylvania, 1913. Included in book Steelton by Simon Bronner and
Michael Barton.

bris ceremony.jpgJewish circumcision ceremony (photo by Simon Bronner). Included in book Manly Traditions.

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