Student’s 202D Report Snags Big Payoff

One of my former students used her Engl 202D recommendation report to snag a $25,000 donation.  The donation offsets travel expenses for landscape architecture students.

What real change can you make happen with your report?


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4 thoughts on “Student’s 202D Report Snags Big Payoff

  1. I thought this was very interesting to read, as it shows how these reports that we are creating can have a real impact on the audience that we present our reports to. I certainly believe that this will motivate my group mates and me as we wrap up our formal report. We are looking at GrubHub’s business prospects in State College and conducting a SWOT Analysis for the company. If we were to provide meaningful evidence of some potential issues that GrubHub may face in the future, sort of like what this group here did to offset field trip expenses, it would make me feel like I have made a real impact for a successful company like GrubHub.

  2. This is a great motivator for all the groups currently working on their final reports. It shows that an actual change can come about from our reports. Our report can effect the sustainability and growth of Mr. Bono’s business incredibly. We are providing him with multiple plans of action which he can use however he sees fit. There is substantial room for growth in the company and our advertising plans as well as our plans for relocation can increase revenues dramatically if implemented. We are putting in the time and effort to help Mr. Bono’s company and hope that our report is put to use like the one in the article.

  3. Our report, while not impacting me personally, can help my group member’s family company save money. If they decide to implement it, and find it to be successful, they can recommend it to other companies. The solution we found offers more than just tool asset tracking and management, but asset management for many other types of data and businesses. So while our report initially may only impact one business, it could easily spread to several by word of mouth.

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