What Color Is Your Personal Brand?

William Arruda, personal branding guru and Forbes contributor, says we should use color to help us convey our personal brand to the public.  Colors have connotations, he says, that can convey additional meaning when people encounter our online presence.

Ok, not a bad idea, but then he goes so far as to recommend that we “incorporate our brand color into our wardrobe and accessories.”  Hmm.  Now I wonder if we’ve crossed over from brilliance to ridiculousness.

What do you think?



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2 thoughts on “What Color Is Your Personal Brand?

  1. I think that this video holds a lot of importance and from a marketing perspective, color plays a large role in defining companies. I’m sure that companies spent a lot of time and market research to decide what colors best represent them or would be the most memorable to their consumers.

    I recently saw an infographic that broke down different companies into different colors to further emphasize how they portray their brand. It truly can enhance a company’s brand awareness and brand value, especially when they choose attractive eye catching colors. There’s so much power a company has when a color can remind someone of a company. That’s a definite factor of success.

    Also, before even going into this video, I thought that my brand color would be yellow based on the emotions people feel when they look at yellow. Yellow also happens to be my favorite color because I think it represents my personality. I’m creative, energetic, and enthusiastic which were all attributes associated with yellow. I’m glad that the video matched my perspective as well. There is a fashionista on Instagram that wears a lot of yellow and accents of yellow and I think it works so cohesively with her image and makes her so unique because it is not a very common color. If I looked good in yellow, I would definitely try to incorporate it as well.

  2. I thought this video was very interesting in that your favorite color might not always be the best representation of your personal brand. I personally believe that the color blue best represents my personal brand, and it also happens to be my favorite color. For my social media website and my social media blog there is a lot of blue in the background to show trust and loyalty, which I feel best represents me. I have worked the same job for the past seven years, and do not like change all that much, so I feel like blue would best represent me as a brand. Also, when I was watching the video, I noticed that the color green represents rebirth and fertility, which do not represent me as much and rarely do I use the color green to represent myself.

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