How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Read 16 Tips to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile.

Want more? Hop on over to updated 60+ LinkedIn Profile Tips For Marketers (good advice for the rest of us too).


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4 thoughts on “How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

  1. Having a strong LinkedIn profile is important while building a career. LinkedIn is typically a first impression that a company is going to get from a potential employee, so it is imperative to make sure you are portraying the best self you possibly can.

    It is important to make every word in your LinkedIn profile count. HR employees who are looking to make hires only a few moments to scan each profile, so it is important to make the information as concise as possible.

    LinkedIn is a great tool that connect employees and companies build potential relationships. As I, myself go through an internship hunt, I have learned the importance of making connections, and one of the best ways to do that is through LinkedIn.

  2. I found this blog post to be extremely helpful. I created a Linkedin account during the fall of my Freshman year and have not touched it much since, due to my lack of knowledge of how to properly format it. The first tip of completeness is extremely helpful, breaking down exactly what needs to be on the account and how much of each. After reading through this, I will be sure to add more skills to my account as well as checking into my number of connections. I was surprised by the suggestion at branding the background, as I figured it was expected to keep it looking very professional. I believe that personality is huge when it comes to presenting yourself as a possible candidate for a position.

  3. I always looked at LinkedIn profiles as a necessary evil in the professional world that never lead to anything productive. However my opinion changed when a colleague was offered a job through someone reaching out to him through LinkedIn to apply for a position that he met the qualifications for. That being said, I have been taking the time to improve my profile. No. “Search Engine Optimize Your Profile” and No. 12 “Build Your Network” still out to me the most based on this experience. If anyone in class would like to add me, the web address for my LinkedIn is:

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