How To Make Wall Street Laugh


Business Insider published an article  about a super-ambitious internship applicant who wrote an over-the-top cover letter.  It has some of the biggest names on Wall Street in stitches – and not in a good way.

Can We Say Over The Top?

In his cover letter to Bank of America Merrill Lynch, the applicant wrote (in part):

“I am unequivocally the most unflaggingly hard worker I know, and I love self-improvement. I have always felt that my time should be spent wisely, so I continuously challenge myself … I decided to redouble my effort by placing out of two classes, taking two honors classes, and holding two part-time jobs. That semester I achieved a 3.93, and in the same time I managed to bench double my bodyweight and do 35 pull-ups.”

Their Challenge – And Yours

The hiring director sent the cover letter to Morgan Stanley, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo and more.  He offered to buy drinks for “the first analyst to concisely summarize everything that is wrong with” the cover letter.

I will offer PRB comment credit for the same.  Click here to see the entire cover letter.  Read the cover letter, then write your analysis as a comment on this site.  After you post your comment, copy the url and paste into your PRB discussion forum on Canvas.

On your mark, get set, GO!

Thanks to Sidra Maryam.
Photo by Mark Skeet on Unsplash


Some Top Sources For Business News

front page of wall street journal feb 19 2018

Looking for places to find business and tech news?  Need sources for your Professional Reading Blog assignment?  Want to beef up your knowledge of current business happenings?

Here is a short list of some well-regarded publications.  Browse them, the write about articles and topics that are most interesting to you.

As you can see, this is a very short list.  There are many more great publications for business news.  Write a comment to share your own favorite news sources with us.


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