Love Your Emails

We don’t often feel love when we open our in-boxes.

William Arruda tells us how to write emails that people will look forward to in “10 Ways To Get People to Love Your Emails,” published in Forbes Magazine.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, let’s show our emails some love.

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One thought on “Love Your Emails

  1. With graduation coming up and entering the corporate world soon after, emails seem definitely the way to go for communication, and this article by William Arruda helps a lot. In the business world, it is definitely necessary to pass on information in the most efficient, concise but still productive way possible.
    Some of the methods from the article that I have used which have undoubtedly proved to be extremely beneficial are proof reading while reading out aloud and using bullets and numbers. These help to make sure that the correct information is sent out and is put forward in a way to focus on the most important information of the email.

    There a lot of new things for a student just entering the business world can learn from this article. EOM is a completely new thing for me, and I see that being beneficial as it helps pass on information seemingly without even opening the message. Pause is something we can greatly appreciate as we have seen that in the past it hasn’t really helped out anyone. With an example being a previous blog post of the LinkedIn rejection. This can really help people take a step back and avoid any future unmendable repercussions.

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