How To Be A Great Professional Writer (It Won’t Surprise You)

The late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia won a lifetime achievement writing award in 2008 for having done “as much as anyone in the modern era to promote clear, robust expression in a field often lacking in these qualities.”
Read what one of the most gifted legal writers on the Supreme Court says is necessary forĀ becoming a great writer.

Glenn Carstens-Peters

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One thought on “How To Be A Great Professional Writer (It Won’t Surprise You)

  1. I think Justice Scalia’s take on writing is very eye-opening. He is wise in saying that one does not have to be overly intelligent to be a good writer. A good writer understands his audience first and foremost. He puts himself in the reader’s shoes and uses this as the foundation for the way in which he presents his information.

    Justice Scalia also said it takes time and sweat to become a good writer. Dedicating time to any craft is eventually going to pay off and writing is no different. If a writer commits to consistently reassesses his work it will only improve until it is eventually optimized. These amazing lessons are just some of the few things I took away from Justice Scalia.

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