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Personal Branding: Avoiding the “Ick” Factor

It occurs to me, as we move into constructing Social Media Profiles, that we may be missing a vital part of the personal branding puzzle.  Or at least, maybe I haven’t emphasized this part enough in class.   That vital part is authenticity. Personal branding is, as Lorrie Thomas Ross says, less about being self-centered and braggadocios, and more about educating and communicating.  Maximizing exchanges. All this leaves out an…

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Arruda: What Ryan Lochte Can Teach Us About Personal Branding.

“On August 14, 2016, Lochte and fellow Olympian Jimmy Feigen claimed that they and their fellow U.S. swimmers Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger were robbed at gunpoint… we later learned … that Lochte’s story was fabricated (or, as he claims, “over-exaggerated”).” We all make mistakes.  Whether or not we own those mistakes can make the difference between recovering or tanking our personal brand. Read William Arruda’s “What Ryan Lochte Can…

How to Incorporate Visuals Into Your Report

As useful and necessary as graphics are, it is not enough to just plop them into a document.  Here is how you incorporate a graphic into your work: Step 1: Label, number and title every graphic.  In the more technical fields, all graphics are either Tables or Figures.  Use Tables for tables (duh) and use Figures for everything else. The graphics should be numbered according to when they appear in your document (Figure 1,…

Student Report Snags Big Payoff

One of my former students used her Engl 202D recommendation report to snag a $25,000 donation.  The donation offsets travel expenses for landscape architecture students. What real change can you make happen with your report? Source: