Oral Progress Report


You and your group members  will conduct an in-class oral progress report of about 15-20 minutes.  The purpose of this assignment is to allow you to present the progress you have made toward your final report, include visuals into your presentation, to establish an outline of your final report and to solicit feedback on your final project from your fellow classmates and instructor.


This is not a formal presentation.  Instead, think of it like this:  You and your team will lead part of a business meeting, where you will present the progress you have made and invite active participation from your fellow students and instructor to help you solve problems.

First and foremost, your presentation must provide evidence (proof)  that you have made substantial progress towards completing your final report.  To that end, present your actual results/findings in your presentation.   Simply telling us you have completed work is not enough.  Show us the work you’ve completed.

Here are some additional questions you may want to answer during your report.  If you do not have final answers, you may ask your fellow students for help:

  • What is your topic?  What improvements are you trying to make/suggest?  Has it changed from your original proposal?  How?  Why?
  • What will be the purpose of your final report? Do you have a title for your final report?
  • Who will be the audience for the final report?  How receptive will your audience be to the recommendations you will make in your final report? 
  • What progress have you made so far?  Mention data, interviews, surveys, etc.  Provide a detailed summary/list of the research already accomplished towards completing your final report.  You may present this in a visual (Powerpoint, table,  chart or graph), or in a handout.
  • Mention remaining tasks and your plans for completing them.
  • Mention any problems you’re experiencing.  Are you finding the information you need?  Have you fallen behind schedule – and if so, how will you get back on track?  Do you need help?
  • Mention (make a list?) of questions you may want to ask your fellow students and/or instructor during your report.

Your presentation will also include:

  • A visual or visuals.  Slide shows, websites, charts, graphs, photos and/or handouts all count.
  • A tentative outline of the final formal report. See sample in Canvas.  Plan to submit in Canvas on the day you present.

Evaluation Criteria

Progress: Evidence is presented that indicates substantial progress has been made towards completing the final report.
Content:  Presenters provide information about report topic, problem and purpose, and audience. Presenters indicate they know what needs to be completed and have a plan for doing it.  
Interaction: Presenters encourage the participation of the class in answering questions and/or solving problems.  
Visual: The report includes at least one visual (handout, Powerpoint, website, chart, graph, table, photo, etc.).
Outline:  The presenters hand in a tentative outline of the final report.  The outline is substantial and appropriate. 




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