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Note:  All assignments are due by the beginning of class. 

MWF Schedule

Fall 2017
18/21Course Introductions
The Rhetorical Situation
28/23Basic Rhetorical Analysis: Analyzing CorrespondenceReading: BCE Chapter 1
38/25Writing Bios
48/28Planning Business Messages - Choosing Your Approach
Intent vs Impact
Reading: BCE Chapter 3
58/30Introducing Assignments 1, 5 and 6. Forming Groups. Tips for group work.Reading: BCE Chapter 2
69/1Introduce Professional Reading Blog.
Set up Websites
No class9/4Labor Day
79/6Writing for the WebReading: BCE Chapter 6
Due: Find an electronic article on which you will write your first blog entry. Also compile supplementary articles for linking.
Writing Due: PRB (by midnight)
89/8Blog WorkshopDue: Find an electronic article on which you will write your first blog entry. Also compile supplementary articles for linking.
99/11Blog Workshop and Peer ReviewDue: Rough draft of first PRB entry
Due: Comment on one course blog entry.
109/13Writing and Completing Business MessagesReading: BCE Chapter 4 and 5
Writing Due: PRB (by midnight)
119/15Writing Proposals.
Writing with Clarity and Conciseness.
129/18Peer ReviewWriting: Rough draft of Proposal
139/20Writing ResumesWriting: Final Proposal
Reading: BCE Chapter 13
Writing Due: PRB (by midnight)
149/22Library Resources/Guest Speaker

Class meets in W211A Pattee
159/25"From Arial to Wide Latin"
169/27Adapting resumesBring whatever current resume you have (if you don't have one, create a draft)
Bring Job Ad(s)Writing Due: PRB (by midnight)
179/29Application LettersReading Due: BCE Chapter 14
1810/2Peer Review
Introduce the Correspondence Portfolio
Writing: job ad, original resume and rough drafts of resume and application letter
1910/4Writing Routine and Positive MessagesReading: BCE Chapter 7
Writing Due: PRB (by midnight)
2010/6No classWriting: Final Job Application Documents
2110/9Writing Bad News MessagesReading: BCE Chapter 8
2210/11Delivering bad news, continued.
Cyber Surveillance Scenario
Writing Due: PRB (by midnight)
2310/13Writing Persuasive Messages
Discuss Oral Progress Reports
Reading: BCE Chapter 9
2410/16Correspondence Review
Sign up for Oral Progress Reports
2510/18Peer ReviewWriting: Rough Drafts of Correspondence Packet
Writing Due: PRB (by midnight)
2610/20Writing the Formal ReportReading: BCE Chapter 10

2710/23Oral Progress ReportsWriting: Final Correspondence Portfolio
2810/25Oral Progress ReportsWriting Due: PRB (by midnight)
2910/27Oral Progress Reports
3010/30Oral Progress Reports
3111/1Completing the Formal Report - Cohesion, Parts and moreReading: BCE Chapter 11
Writing Due: PRB (by midnight)
3211/3Graphics and Design
3311/6Graphics Activity
3411/8Peer ReviewWriting: Rough drafts of introduction, body and conclusion.
Writing Due: PRB (by midnight)
3511/10Peer ReviewWriting: Rough drafts of introduction, body and conclusion, including visuals.
3611/13Peer ReviewWriting: Rough drafts of transmittal and executive summary,
3711/15Peer ReviewWriting: Rough drafts of cover, title, bibliography, appendix
Writing Due: PRB (by midnight)
3811/17Peer ReviewWriting: Rough drafts of Entire Report

Writing Due: Final Formal Report (by 10 a.m., Monday, Nov. 20)
No class11/20-24Thanksgiving Break
3911/27Personal Branding
Social Media Workshop 1
4011/29Social Media Bios and Photos
Social Media Workshop 2
Writing Due: PRB (by midnight)

4112/1Social Media Workshop 3 Rough drafts of your bio (long form) and your personal website
4212/4Copyright And Your Website
Social Media Workshop 4
Rough drafts of your personal website, including image(s), bio and heading
4312/6Social Media Workshop 5Rough drafts of your social media profile, including link to at least one fully optimized social media platform.
Writing Due: PRB (by midnight)
4412/8Social Media Workshop 6Rough drafts of your social media profile, including revised and polished blog posts.
Due: Social Media Profile (10 a.m.,
Monday, Dec. 11)
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