The value of languages

“On Languages” is a 3-minute voice-over animation by the British Academy. It outlines the findings of the Born Global project and the importance of foreign language education.

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Educators say acquiring language skills key to becoming global citizens


A view from Hampshire Regional School District in Massachusetts.
by Sarah Crosby, Daily Hampshire Gazette, August 17, 2016

Learning a new language can transform your experience of life


The benefits of knowing a second or a foreign language in today's world are many. The world has turned into a global village. In this globalized existence, the knowledge of a foreign language in particular and the accompanying cultural competency are … [Continue reading]

Expanding opportunities for our students with language immersion


In his weekly message, filmed at W.B. Simpson Elementary, Governor Markell highlights the World Language Immersion Initiative and announces its expansion. “All of our young people deserve access to the best possible education and training for … [Continue reading]

The ten best languages for your career

Thinkstock Kiplinger

Learning a new language can greatly boost your chances of landing lucrative work. A slideshow. By Christian Ruhl, Kiplinger, October 2015 Go to Slideshow … [Continue reading]

Pushing the multilingual envelope


by Kathy Stein-Smith, Language Magazine, May 19, 2016 Read the article … [Continue reading]

Across the globe: Languages


  by Marcus Thuillier, The Guardian-University of California, San Diego, April 14, 2016 Link to post: … [Continue reading]

In a global economy, Mass. lags in teaching foreign languages


by James Vaznis, The Boston Globe, April 4, 2016 Link to Post: … [Continue reading]

Dual-language classes for kids grow in popularity

by Janet Adamy, The Wall Street Journal, April 1, 2016 Link to post: … [Continue reading]

700 Reasons for studying languages


"700 Reasons for Studying Languages" is a report from the UK Subject Centre for Languages resulting from a research project which was carried out between 2003-2004. The research was to support the UK campaign to encourage more people to learn … [Continue reading]

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