Paradigm Shift Essay Ideas

I am still considering which topic to choose for my paper, so in this post I am going to talk about the main topics I have come up with and would appreciate any feedback!

1. The first topic I have been thinking about involves the many shifts in the desired body image for women in America. From the time when being a plumper more full figured woman meant you were wealthy, to the Marilyn Monroe era where curves were desired and considered sexy, to the time where a stick thin model like physique was desired by many women, and finally to modern day where I believe there has been a large shift in recent years to women wanting healthy and in shape bodies. I think it is very interesting how something such as a woman’s body image can change in America in particular so many times, and why it changes. What causes women to desire a certain body type, and what factors can influence their behavior?

2. Another topic I think would be intriguing is that of the shift of the purpose of reality television in our culture. One of the earliest reality televisions series was “An American Family”, a show which aired in the 70’s that chronicled the lives of an upper middle class family. The people were not actors and they were simply portraying themselves on the show (a concept new to television). This show led to the creation of “The Real World” on MTV, which ultimately has the same purpose, but is a little more risque in nature. Since “The Real World”, reality television series have been becoming more and more ridiculous making it seem as if the main objective is to entertain the audience rather than accurately portray the people’s normal lives. Shows such as “The Jersey Shore” demonstrate this shift: the casting directors obviously pick people that are going to be crazy and keep audiences watching, but are the shows scripted? Is reality television truly reality at all anymore?

3. The last topic is the evolution of the theater. Theater has been around for virtually all of mankind when in ancient years people used it to communicate a story that they would try to portray to their people. Rather than just telling this story, they would show them by acting it out. Then theater shifted when the Romans began gladiator battles. These fights were the ultimate entertainment for the Roman people. Then Shakespeare introduced a whole new kind of theater with his comedies and tragedies, and the concept of having live theater to tell fictional and non-fictional stories through acting. There was also the shift of only men being able to perform in the theater to both men and women being eligible. Now, theater has many forms: live plays, musicals, movies, and more.

I feel that all three of this topics would provide me with enough information to both write my paper and perform my TED talk, and I believe I would be successful in researching to find further evidence to support my points.

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  1. I think the first one is a ‘been there done that’ type of topic that can be over done. The reality one is interesting because you can focus on the shift when reality was real anymore. I think that has more possibilities.

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