2017 Commission for Women Annual Campus Meeting

This year’s Campus Meeting will provide an opportunity to discuss how campus Commission for Women groups can support the University Presidential Commission for Women in meeting this year’s goals.  Information about President Barron’s new charge to University Equity Commissions will be reviewed and there will be time for each campus to report out on activities they have planned for the upcoming academic year.  The agenda for the day is below.

10:00 AM

Registration & Networking Breakfast (light breakfast)

10:30 AM  – 11:45 AM


Commission for Women Co-Chairs

Chancellor, Penn State Harrisburg


Review of President’s Charge to Commission


Lunch and Presentation by Ms. Ophelia Champliss

1:00 PM

Group Discussion and Strategic Planning

2:00 PM


After the closing participants are invited to tour the campus.

About Ms. Chambliss:

Ms. Chambliss will share her personal story of self-discovery through artistic expression as part of her mission to build art appreciation and cultural understanding. Chambliss has been successfully working and exhibiting as a fine artist, for many years. She refers to her signature painting style as ‘realistic cubism,’ and paints a variety of subject matters. Her medium is primarily in Oil, and her color palette is colorful and energetic.

Chambliss’ wide-ranging original work reflects her own journey through vivid cultural representations of people color as well as non-traditional art forms.  The collective thread, which weaves together her story, is echoed in her work. From the poignant ‘First Cousins’, which depicts Chambliss’ granddaughters’ side by side, speaks to the evolution of the modern American family.

She holds a Bachelor in Communication Arts and Sciences, and a Masters in Communications from Penn State University. She combines her visual communication with verbal and written communication to articulate the story behind her work.

Her most recent work is in the realm of public art and murals. The community contribution, collaboration, and the challenge of scale, keep Chambliss striving to make art accessible to everyone, particularly those who may not feel a part of their community.

Originally from Chicago, Chambliss currently resides in York, Pennsylvania. Prior to her career in Fine Art, she was a business professional in the Publishing Industry, specializing in Graphic Design, and Business Development.

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