Why Should You Join the Commission for Women?

Why Should I Get Involved with CFW?

Be heard. Join the Penn State Commission for Women.

Join the Commission for Women

Let Your Voice Be Heard. The Penn State Commission for Women is an advisory body for the University President. That means we have the ear of the highest levels of the institution. Do you have concerns, ideas, or moments to celebrate? As a member of the CFW, you can get that input to the people who can make real change. In fact, at the end of each academic year, Dr. Barron attends our final public meeting so we can share with him face-to-face.

Make Change. The CFW is responsible for many positive changes around the Penn State community. If you’ve ever used a lactation station in a Penn State building, attended a Personal Safety and Sexual Assault Awareness event or bystander training, or used the Status of Women reports to support equitable promotion and leave policies at the University, you may have benefitted from the work of the CFW. Join us to widen our influence and benefit even more Penn Staters.

Connect With Colleagues. CFW members represent undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, staff, administrators, and people across the commonwealth who care about the status of women at Penn State. Connect with each other to network, share ideas, and make positive change.

Hear From Others in the Penn State Community. At the monthly CFW Public Meetings, you can learn what others across Penn State are doing to further the status of women at the University and to get the information we need to advise the President.

What Does Involvement with CFW Look Like?

In some ways, you can choose what your involvement looks like. As an affiliate, you can participate as you have free time. As a member, you commit for a 3-year term and can join or chair a committee. Our website includes a list of Committees.

The President’s commission is open to Penn Staters from any campus (not just University Park!). In addition, some Commonwealth Campuses have CFWs of their own. Check out the list of Campus Liaisons to see how you can get involved with your campus’s chapter.

How Do I Get Involved with CFW?

You can join as either a member or an affiliate. Responsibilities vary between the two roles, and whereas members can join only during a certain window, affiliates can join at any time of the year. Visit our website’s Get Involved page to learn more about each. Alternatively, contact your Campus Liaison to learn how to get involved with your campus’s chapter.

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