Desserts around the world

Anytime I travel I look forward to trying new foods and desserts. I’m always surprised by how much you can learn about a country and its culture through the history and traditions of their food. Here are some unique desserts from around the world and a little bit about their origins.


Spain – Brazo de Gitano

Brazo de Gitano’s Spanish translation means “Gypsy’s arm” and it is similar to a Swiss Role. This dessert consists of a spongy cake rolled with a creamy filling. It is one of the most popular Spanish desserts and is commonly found at family meals. Variations of this dessert have also made their way to Latin America, Mexico, and Chile. Recipe


Turkey – Baklava

It is believed that Baklava was created by the Assyrians in the 8th century BC and that it was later adopted by the Ottomans who turned the recipe into what it is today. This dessert is made out of a phyllo dough casing, a very thin, unleavened dough, and is filled with a gooey, sticky combination of nuts, honey, and syrup. Recipe


Brazil – Brigadeiro

Brigadeiro is a popular dessert in Brazil. The name comes from the political and military figure, Brigadeiro Eduardo Gomes, who in 1945 ran for office and fundraised for his campaign by selling his favorite chocolate truffles. These truffles became very popular and were later named after him in his honor. Recipe


France – Chocolate Soufflé

Chocolate soufflé is one of France’s most traditional and popular desserts. French soufflés originated in the 18th century and gained popularity during the 19th century. It is a lightly baked cake made of egg yolks and beaten egg whites, giving it is light and fluffy texture. The inside of the soufflé also consists of a warm, gooey chocolate center. This dessert is typically served in a small, circular dish and has to be served immediately in order to keep its shape. Recipe

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  1. Morgan Guarino
    December 12, 2015 at 3:08 pm (3 years ago)

    I’m always interested in trying new foods when I travel too! I usually think of dinner courses and meals like that though, not desserts. It’s cool to see different desserts from around the world! The only unique dessert I’ve tried from somewhere interesting in the world was Japanese “matcha” green tea ice cream. It’s very popular in Japan and is starting to be more popular here! It’s not my dessert of choice but was interesting and better than I thought it would be! It’s definitely worth a try.

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