History of CIR

The history of the CIR is available at participedia.net, which also has summaries of individual CIR sessions, as detailed below. That site also provides a general description of the CIR process. Also, the full set of CIR Statements from 2010-2014 is can be accessed in this single PDF CIR Statements 2010-2014.


Trial-run CIR held in Massachusetts (August).

Trial-run CIR held in Arizona (August)

CIR legislation introduced in Massachusetts. No vote yet.


Washington State considers CIR legislation, but it never comes to a final vote.


Trial-run CIR held in Colorado on GMO labeling. CIR 2014 – CO P105 (GMO labels) Statement

Trial-run CIR held in Phoenix, Arizona, on pension reform. CIR 2014 – AZ P487 (Pensions) Statement.

Oregon CIR on open primary. CIR 2014 – OR M90 (Primary) Citizens’ Statement

Oregon CIR on GMO labeling. CIR 2014 – OR M92 (GMO labels) Citizens’ Statement

Jackson County, Oregon CIR on GMO seeds. CIR 2014 – Jackson Cty. OR M15-119 (GMO seeds) Statement


Oregon CIR on Measure 82 (private casinos). CIR 2012 – M82 (Casino) Statement

Oregon CIR on Measure 85 (tax reform). CIR 2012 – M85 (Kicker) Statement


Oregon Governor signs law making CIR permanent part of the state’s electoral process.


Oregon CIR on Measure 74 (medical marijuana dispensaries). CIR 2010 – M74 (MedMJ) Statement

Oregon CIR on Measure 73 (mandatory minimum sentencing). CIR 2010 – M73 (MandMin) Statement


Oregon Governor signs law to establish a CIR pilot project.


A trial-run CIR was held in Oregon. No data or extensive description is available online.


The core of the CIR concept was originally developed by Ned Crosby, who developed the Citizens’ Juries process  and the Jefferson Center for New Democratic Processes in the 1970s. Participedia.net provides more history on the Citizens’ Jury process.

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