• Athletic Training Services for Club Sports Athletes - Updated Spring 2018 Hours

“For the students, by the students”

About the Program

The Club Sports Program at University Park provides a variety of opportunities for PSU students to learn a new sport, make friends, keep fit, and compete against other university clubs or varsity teams. All clubs are open to any full-time student with any level of experience.
There are currently 76 club sport organizations totaling over 5,800 students that meet regularly for practices and competitions, and to conduct demonstrations, host seminars, coordinate social activities for members, and engage in community service activities. From Archery to Yoga, you’ll find clubs for nearly every interest. You can learn more about each club and how to get involved by checking out the list of 2017-2018 Available Clubs.
Every year Penn State Club Sport’s athletes compete at Regionals and Nationals for a chance to bring home some hardware. Check out this past year’s program highlights!

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