Club Resources

Below are some of the resources, forms and documents for the Penn State Club Sports Program.

Is your Club hosting an event in State College? Check out our Visiting Club’s Resource Page for more information that may be helpful for visiting Clubs!

Downloadable Form (PDF Format)
2015-16 Participation Agreement/Waiver Each member of a club must complete a PA/Waiver prior to participation in any club activities. This includes faculty/staff recreational members.
Safety Officer Form Any club members who is looking to serve as a Safety Officer for their club must complete this form and provide copies of current and valid CPR, AED and First Aid Certifications. Only certifications from the following organizations are accepted: The American Red Cross (ARC), The American Heart Association (AHA), and The Emergency Care & Safety Institute (ECSI)
Advisor Form Any faculty/staff member looking to become an Advisor for a Club Sport must complete, print and sign this form, to be turned into the Club Sport Office.
2015-2016 Officer Manual The Penn State Club Sports Officer Manual serves as the complete guide to all of the policies and procedures required of any Penn State Club Sport.
Absence Memo Template For clubs that are traveling and have members who will miss class, a Club Officer must complete an Absence Memo Request – remember, Absence Memos are NOT university-issued excuses.
Incident/Accident Report Form For any incident or injury that occurs during a club event, a Club Officer must complete an Incident/Accident Report Form and submit it to the Club Sports office within 48 hours of the incident.
Online Form
*After submitting an online form, make sure to print the page once completed, and bring it to the Club Sports Office with all required paperwork.
Vehicle Authorization Form This form must be completed by the driver, printed out, and turned in with copies of: the primary driver’s license, the car’s registration, and proof of insurance. Any additional drivers must also provide a copy of their license. ***NOTE: The OWNER of the vehicle is required to sign this form.
Coach Form This for should be completed, printed and signed by any individual who is looking to coach a Club Sport. Remember, there is additional paperwork required for becoming a Club Sport Coach, and all Coaches must be approved by a Club Sport Coordinator.
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