Lobbying Disclosure Forms Submission Deadline: Fourth Quarter 2018

To ensure compliance with the University’s state lobbying disclosure requirements, all University faculty and staff who participate in state lobbying activities for the University must report all time and expenses related to these activities to Government and Community Relations. If you have been or will be engaged in lobbying activities for the University between October 1, 2018, through December 31, 2018, you will need to report those activities on Forms PLDA 1 and 2, found on the Government and Community Relations website.

PLEASE NOTE THAT FORMS PLDA 1 AND 2 ARE WRITABLE FORMS ON LINE. However, please use Google Chrome to open website if you are going to complete forms on line.

These forms must be submitted by no later than Monday, January 7, 2019, for the Fourth Quarter 2018 (October, November, December) to Government and Community Relations. Also, please be advised that if you anticipate or plan to be engaged in future University activities that could be determined as a lobbying activity, please refer to University policy AD 50, which outlines the procedures for “contact with state and federal officials and official visits by government agencies.’

Reminder: Government and Community Relations is to be informed in advance of all invitations to elected officials or their staff members to visit any campus of the University in their official capacity.

Please contact Zack Moore, Vice President for Government and Community Relations, by calling 814-865-6563 or email Mary Ann Chavey at mqc9@psu.edu with any questions you may have.

Reminder: Dean’s Roundtable Discussion

The next Dean’s Roundtable Discussion, “Next Big Research Initiatives,” is scheduled for Wednesday, January 30, from 10:00-11:00 AM in 101ABC Hintz Alumni Center. Dr. Chris Rahn, associate dean for innovation, will lead the discussion.

In preparation for the meeting, Dr. Rahn would like faculty to send their ideas on what is the next big thing in research. He is looking for research areas that have large potential impact, are attracting growing interest from funding agencies, and have a critical mass of Penn State faculty experts who could lead initiatives in these areas. Please send your ideas to Susie Sherlock at sjs10@psu.edu by Wednesday, January 23.

There is still time to register at 2018-2019 Roundtable Discussions with the Dean

Participants needed for nutrition research studies

Strawberry Study

Healthy, non-smoking men and women are needed for a research study examining the effects of a freeze dried strawberry powder on LDL cholesterol and other cardiovascular disease risk factors. We are seeking participants 35-65 years of age with a BMI of 25-39kg/m2. Subjects must be healthy and not taking medications for high cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, or inflammatory conditions. Participants will be provided with two different amounts of freeze dried strawberry powder and a placebo powder for 4-6 weeks each, with a 2 week break between test periods (total time for study is 16-22 weeks). At the completion of the study participants will receive lab results and compensation of $350. If you are interested in learning more about the study, please call 814-863-8622 or email psustrawberry@gmail.com, mention the Strawberry Supplementation Study and leave your name and a contact number. This study is being conducted by Dr. Penny Kris-Etherton, Department of Nutritional Sciences, at The Penn State University.

The Habitual Diet and Avocado Trial is seeking volunteers (HAT Study)

Participants sought for a nutrition study looking at the benefits of avocados on abdominal fat and other health factors. Men and women are needed for a research study examining the effect of avocados on abdominal fat, waist circumference, cholesterol levels, and vascular health. We are seeking participants 25 years of age or older with increased waist circumference (≥35 inches for women, ≥40 inches for men). Participants will either be provided with one avocado per day to eat with their usual diet or will be asked to maintain their usual diet for 6 months. At the completion of the study, participants will be compensated. If you are interested in learning more about the study, please visit bit.ly/2B6DFdK or email psudiet@gmail.com and leave your name and contact number. This study is being conducted by Dr. Penny Kris-Etherton from the Pennsylvania State University.

Materials Research Science and Engineering Center Renewal Competition

The Center for Nanoscale Science, Penn State’s NSF Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC), will compete for renewal in 2019, with the preproposal due at NSF in June. NSF expects substantial change in the focus and composition of the interdisciplinary research groups (IRGs) that will comprise the renewal proposal.

A talk will be held on Monday, January 7, at 12:00 PM in S-5 Osmond to describe:

  1. the internal down select competition to become one of the IRGs in the renewal proposal,
  2. the events, people, and resources that will be available throughout the winter and early spring to help teams in generating compelling IRG white papers,
  3. the key measures of a successful IRG proposal.

Alignment to the NSF Big Ideas is important: these include (among others) Rules of Life, Harnessing the Data Revolution, Quantum Leap, Convergence, and Multi-messenger Astrophysics. Sustainability is another important theme. In the last cycle, 54 external review were secured on 9 internal IRG white papers, to identify 5 for inclusion in the renewal.

If you are interested but unable to attend, Vin Crespi, MRSEC director, is available anytime for discussion at vhc2@psu.edu.

NASA iTech Ignite the Night Event

NASA iTech is looking to get the word out to entrepreneurs, university students, the investment community, and industry partners about an upcoming NASA iTech event that is happening Las Vegas on January 9, 2019.

During each NASA iTech cycle, the NASA iTech team will be visiting various cities throughout the U.S. to host Ignite the Night events to identify technologies that are addressing challenges on Earth and have the potential to also be a solution for NASA.

NASA iTech is searching for non-government funded technologies that are addressing the following focus areas for the 2019 NASA iTech Cycle I:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Robotic Capabilities
  • Intelligent Machines
  • Force and Tactile Sensors
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality Advancements
  • Flexible Materials
  • X-Factor

From all the applicants received, ten presenters will be selected and given the opportunity to pitch their ideas at Ignite the Night to a panel of judges that includes NASA Center Chief Technologists, local subject matter experts, investors, and local leaders. The highest scoring presenter will be selected as the winner and will advance as a semifinalist for the 2019 NASA iTech Cycle I, increasing their chances to qualify as finalist for the forum in July 2019.

The deadline to apply to present your idea is December 28, 2018.

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