NSF workshop

The Department of Political Science offers a workshop to help graduate students apply for the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP). In the past, this program has offered three-year fellowships that covered $32,000 in stipends and $12,000 in tuition for each year. Several of our students have been successful in receiving this fellowship and were freed from RA and TA duties during their award period. The workshop, led by Professor Gretchen Casper, meets for one hour a week up until the NSF application is due, usually in early November. The goal of the workshop is to help graduate students write successful applications. The application includes a personal statement, a graduate research statement, three letters of recommendation, and academic transcripts. During the workshop, we go over the NSF program solicitation announcement for the GRFP, read examples, of successful applications from Penn state graduate students, and then write applications. Students are asked to read and critique each others’ statements, so that by the end of the workshop everyone has received constructive feedback for their own applications.

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