Welcome to the Cremer Group

In front of Old main Building

Cremer Group–Summer 2014
(Front row left to right: Xiangyi Huang, Yi-Ting Liao, Saranya Pullanchery, Simou Sun, Seung-Yi Lee, Matt Poyton, Yi Liu, Virginia Greenberger; Middle row left to right: Blaise Pfaff, Xiao Cong, Anne Sendecki, Kelvin Rembert, Bradley Rogers; Back row left to right: Tinglu Yang, Danna Hosko, Paul Cremer, Alexis Baxter, Halil Okur, William Hunn)

The laboratory of Biointerfaces, led by Prof. Paul Cremer, is a multidisciplinary research team that works at the crossroads of biological interfaces, metamaterials, spectroscopy, and microfluidics. Biophysical and analytical studies are tied together through the employment of novel lab-on-a-chip platforms which enable high throughput/low sample volume analysis to be performed with unprecedented signal-to-noise. From neurodegenerative diseases to artificial hip implants, a huge variety of processes occur at biological interfaces. Our laboratory uses a wide variety of surface specific spectroscopy and microfluidic technologies to probe mechanisms of disease, build new biosensors against pathogens, and understand the molecular-level details of the water layer hugging a cell membrane.  Read more…